Windy Mountain Road Farm

We own a piece of paradise in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Purchased in the early 2000’s, we have about 110 acres of field and forest (new growth mainly but some old growth).

Windy Mountain Road Farm…so where did we get the name? Well we live on Mountain Road of which there are many in our area (not surprising as it is a common name) and our house & garden are on a hill and boy the winds blows … a lot! I used to have a healthy fear of water but now I have one for wind.  Super powerful forces of nature with which to be reckoned. Fortunately our place survived Hurricane Juan which took place one month after we purchased the place, just losing the top of our woodstove chimney.  So I am confident we will survive just about any weather event, and with climate change the storms are already getting worse.

Previously the place was a family farm, once having pigs, sheep, cultivation of alfalfa from what I know.  Alas the owner had his share of bad luck through no fault of his own, and his relatives were not able to keep the farm in the family.

We now have a 1/2 acre fenced garden (using free pallets) where we have asparagus beds and grow a host of other vegetables (see products); large fields we are regenerating after laying fallow for several years when we moved out west for work (not in the oil fields thank you).  We also have sour cherries, a decade’s old concord grape vine, jost grape vines which are in serious need of attention (low priority – there is only so much I can do), lots of apple trees of who knows what variety, some mature maple trees, lots of birch for our firewood, wild plum trees that alas were chopped down thanks to an outbreak of black rot.  We also have several non-traditional greenhouses which is for the peppers because Nova Scotia weather is not sufficiently friendly for my beloved peps.