Professor Asparagus products

2018 Asparagus season is almost here!

I am once again farming asparagus, peppers and tomatoes, as well as some other delicious vegetables and fruits.

It is mid-May at the time of writing and my asparagus is only just beginning to come up.  Folks say this has been an unusually cold spring so this explains the lateness of my crop.

Stay tuned!


  • Some of the below products may be sold out, call or email to ask what I still have available
  • Raw produce only available when in season, e.g. asparagus late spring/early summer, tomatoes, hot & sweet peppers Fall and into November
  • All produce is grown using organic and permaculture methods
  • Heritage varieties are grown mainly
  • I grow all the seasonings and other ingredients in the canned products, e.g. ginger, oregano, basil, thyme, the only exception is vinegar (I do make my own but government regulations prohibit me from using my home made vinegar, sugar (I am switching over to using honey & maple syrup when possible), pectin (I also make my own pectin but primarily use Pomona pectin so that I don’t have to use as much sweetener), & sea salt



  • Asparagus
  • Tomatoes: yellow pear, red cherry, striped cavern, paste, scotia
  • Peppers – hot: jalapeno, capsicum, cayenne, habanero
  • Peppers – sweet: king of the north, lipstick, orange, banana, yankee bell
  • Orach
  • Haskap berries
  • Sour cherries


VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS, e.g. pickled/canned

  • Pickled asparagus: regular/plain, lemon (sold out), dill, mustard, hot spicy, garlic (sold out)
  • Pickled peppers: jalapenos
  • Canned peppers: red hot sauce, harissa sauce, creole sauce (sold out), BBQ, hot pepper jelly, basil pepper jelly (sold out), roasted pepper spread, sweet and sour pepper relish,
  • Canned tomatoes: salsa, bruschetta, spicy tomato pasta sauce, pizza sauce (sold out)
  • Canned beans: hot spicy
  • Canned beets: spicy with onions
  • Pickled carrots: plain, Mexican (cumin & coriander seasoning), Vietnamese (ginger flavour) – all sold out
  • Canned sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes): spicy available soon
  • Canned apple sauce: apples from our wild apple orchard so spray free, plain & hot spicy
  • Canned grape jelly: plain and hot spicy
  • Canned juices: black currant, sour cherry & grape