Job prospects?

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website & this page.

Well as of now, I’m looking for work, paid this time around, after some time exploring and engaging in international development in a volunteer capacity.  It is now back to needing to garner a livelihood, one that is meaningful, addressing in small ways the challenges this planet faces.

I have followed an unconventional path which has provided me with an amazing skill set. My combined background in sociology, both as educator and as researcher, as a community and organization development advisor, and as small scale farmer, both as producer and marketer/seller, has provided me with a skill set of breadth and depth, both versatile, multifaceted and highly useful in a variety of settings.

For example, I can

  • Design training programs, curricula and educational materials
  • Organize and facilitate strategic planning and participatory institutional development processes
  • Design marketing plans
  • Conduct qualitative and participatory research on a variety of subject matter, synthesizing and collating information
  • Engage and support community (economic) development
  • Address and incorporate issues of environmental sustainability, gender equality & equity
  • Write policy papers
  • Organize events
  • Innovate, bringing ideas to life.

I am an outside the box thinker, I am very creative, I am a super organizer, and I am a great networker.

For a more comprehensive background, check out my linkedin profile.


If you have any leads or think you might have a fitting employment opportunity, then please email me at

Enjoy your day.