Job prospects?

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website & this page.

Well as of now, I’m looking for work, paid this time around, after some time exploring and engaging in international development.  It is now back to needing to garner a livelihood.

My combined background in sociology, both as educator and as researcher, as a community and organization development advisor, and as small scale farmer, both as producer and marketer/seller, has provided me with a skill set of breadth and depth, both versatile, multifaceted and highly useful.

For example, I can

  • Design training programs and educational materials
  • Organize and facilitate strategic planning and participatory institutional development processes
  • Design marketing plans
  • Conduct qualitative and participatory research on a variety of subject matter, synthesizing and collating information
  • Engage and support community (economic) development
  • Address and incorporate issues of environmental sustainability, gender equality & equity
  • Write policy papers
  • Organize events
  • etc…

For a more comprehensive background, check out my linkedin profile.

If you have any leads or think you might have a fitting employment opportunity, then please email me at

Enjoy your day.