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What to plant in 2018

I had not planned on being on the farm for the2018 growing season, instead being in Barbados on the 9 month WUSC volunteer posting. When the plans changed once again with our bad luck in choosing farm caretakers, I knew … Continue reading

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Made to order canning anyone?

As the 2018 growing season begins – indoors at this point with little pepper and tomato seedlings sprouting (yeah!) amongst others, ideas have been circulating about how to garner some additional income with all my labour to produce food with the … Continue reading

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To hemp or not to hemp – Part 2

The journey continues into the modern and historical world of hemp. One important factor I figured out relatively quickly was the following. As my focus is on the small scale, grassroots, community level in whatever issue, I couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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Overpopulation, social change and writing

The following is a bit long winded.  I wasn’t really sure where it was going until I got some thoughts down, thoughts that have been swirling in my head these past many weeks since my return to the farm. Mr.C5 … Continue reading

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Hemp anyone?

Embarking on the next stage of the life journey… As I have been exploring what next to do, often revisiting ‘old’ ideas, thinking about what are my interests, what would I want to do out of simple interest as well … Continue reading

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The diversity of farming

This blog post stems from being a recent member of the f b page “Farming in the Maritimes”. I recently joined the group thinking this might be a good place to learn from, to ask questions, to sell or purchase … Continue reading

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True believer

I am a true believer. So what do I mean by that? When I was in the midst of my existential crisis/midlife career crisis a few years ago now, my so supportive husband said to me that I was a … Continue reading

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The world of work

As I once again enter job hunting mode, I am reflecting on this whole concept of work. I recently read a blog post re: a couple who were entrepreneurs having their own small business. There were vacationing in Europe but … Continue reading

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Supply and demand of Barbados agriculture produce

One of the projects I am tasked with for what is now ending up only being 3 months in Barbados, is a marketing plan for the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) and its commodity groups. I feel I have sufficient experience … Continue reading

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Farmsitter betrayal?

I am writing this at 3 a.m. on the Thursday night (wee hours of Friday morning) after the Tuesday night where we learned about our farmsitters were bailing on us completely out of the blue. Mr. C5 & I could … Continue reading

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