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Living on minimum wage…

I have never had a minimum wage job.  I have been very fortunate that way.  Even when I was working in my mid to late teens I was very fortunate that after my mother had enrolled me in a keypunch/data … Continue reading

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1st impressions of life at a small business in rural Nova Scotia

I have barely been at the new job as Sales Associate at Appleton Chocolates Co., Tatamagouche, North shore of Nova Scotia, for 2 weeks and already have had some learnings about myself, about small business, about a chocolate business, and … Continue reading

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Update June 2018

It is always interesting where life takes you. This has been a challenging season so far for farmers in our region of the Canadian Maritimes with the very late frosts, one actually being a freeze since the temperatures dipped so … Continue reading

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Lament for my asparagus….

Lament for my asparagus Well it is almost the end of May and my asparagus is still not really producing. I had hoped with a good rain which we had earlier this week, that perhaps this was the boost that … Continue reading

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Have you heard about Smart farming? What was it before? Stupid farming?

This post can be summed up by two words: WORDS MATTER. So what has this got to do with farming….read on but first….by the way I put 2 spaces after each sentence. Side note: I must apologize for not posting … Continue reading

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What to plant in 2018

I had not planned on being on the farm for the2018 growing season, instead being in Barbados on the 9 month WUSC volunteer posting. When the plans changed once again with our bad luck in choosing farm caretakers, I knew … Continue reading

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Made to order canning anyone?

As the 2018 growing season begins – indoors at this point with little pepper and tomato seedlings sprouting (yeah!) amongst others, ideas have been circulating about how to garner some additional income with all my labour to produce food with the … Continue reading

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To hemp or not to hemp – Part 2

The journey continues into the modern and historical world of hemp. One important factor I figured out relatively quickly was the following. As my focus is on the small scale, grassroots, community level in whatever issue, I couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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Overpopulation, social change and writing

The following is a bit long winded.  I wasn’t really sure where it was going until I got some thoughts down, thoughts that have been swirling in my head these past many weeks since my return to the farm. Mr.C5 … Continue reading

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Hemp anyone?

Embarking on the next stage of the life journey… As I have been exploring what next to do, often revisiting ‘old’ ideas, thinking about what are my interests, what would I want to do out of simple interest as well … Continue reading

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