Traditional Hemp Project – Addendum – Chicken food!

We discovered an amazing unexpected use for the hemp plant. Our chickens with their insatiable appetite demonstrated their resourcefulness. The chickens had discovered the hemp bed; it didn’t help that it was more or less next to the chicken coop. I had fenced in the bed but chickens are adept at finding ways to get to something they want. You soon learn with chickens that if you have any dirt that has been freshly dug up, like when you are preparing a bed for planting, your chickens will pay a visit to this exact spot to munch on whatever creatures you dig up, you know insects or worms. On one hand I don’t mind since it is free food, but on the other hand I want those worms for my soil, always a sign of good soil when you got worms!

So those somewhat intelligent chickens would jump onto a stalk of hemp, bending it over, and then they would munch on the seeds. Since I grew hemp for fibre, you plant the seeds super close together, like not more than a centimetre to an inch apart as you want the plant to grow tall with little to no side branches, so just shooting upwards. Of course there is still seed production as a natural process of any plant.

Sidenote: I am creeped out by seedless anything, e.g. cucumbers, watermelons, grapes – you know kinda like the terminator seeds that evil Bayer, formerly Monsanto, have created. Alas I am someone who is sensitive to textures in one’s mouth; I hate seeds, or things like pulp, that I would then have to spit out, so I admit I like the seedless varieties. However, I make the choice to seldom consume such foods on principle. I do grow the English cucumber which I just love. As for grapes, I just can’t eat our grapes since there are so many seeds, so instead I make grape juice, one of my all time favourite juices.

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