My heart breaks for migrant children

For those who know me I am not a fan of children, never have been. Thus I chose not to have any. I have previously written about this. Thus perhaps surprisingly, the situation that is taking place in the U.S. under POTUS is causing me intense grief in these past few weeks. Not surprisingly, since I am both intensely compassionate and empathetic, my reaction is what I would expect.

The stories that keep surfacing about the treatment and conditions of the migrants, both of children & adults, is just too appalling to remain silent. The illness & death due to the lack of adequate medical care, the lack of basic necessities that we can expect in a developed nation – adequate food, shelter, clothing, bedding, hygiene products, etc… is just outrageous. I bypass rage and go straight to tears.

Part of this stems from the idea that I firmly believe that everyone has suffered some childhood trauma and this trauma impacts us significantly in our adulthood, often negatively unless we have the supports to deal with and address the trauma. Most children, at least I hope most, do not have to suffer such horrific treatment at the hands of authorities – the adults in their lives, but of course there is enough child abuse that we know of to ensure we have many fucked up adults.

My cynical side recently had a horrible thought. Perhaps this whole situation is a planned strategy to demonize a group of ‘brown’ people, to create an enemy target. The false and ridiculous claim is that these migrants are just criminals (I guess even the children?). Well with the kind of trauma these children are experiencing, it is entirely possible that this will create a bunch of hardened adults who will be in such pain that criminal behaviour is not just possible but likely. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fucking sick. Just sick.

Describing this is so horrifying but I feel it has to be said. With the utter lunacy being demonstrated on a daily basis ever since orange top was elected, from orange top and his cadre of psycho & sociopaths, powerful people south of the border, my idea is fathomable sadly.

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