The Adapters Movement

In this post I have decided to present a labour of love from the pages of someone very dear to me. This is meant for those who are on board with climate change, or rather what I prefer to call climate chaos or climate collapse, the latter term being the most accurate as we are in the midst of ecosystem collapse. And when I use the term ecosystem, I am referring to ecology/ecological system; not some human made environment or human institutional process. How utterly ridiculous some folks are when they take a term with a very specific meaning and twist it to refer to something not at all connected to the concept of origin. There is not a bloody ecosystem at your workplace or school. Sheesh!! What is the matter with people?? Rhetorical Q of course

If you are looking for ideas of what to do, then the writings of Mr.C5 may indeed be useful, especially if you are someone of limited means, feeling you lack options. This is not about trying to change what is happening. It is already too late for that. And no there are no tech fixes; renewable energies will not save us (see

End the “Green” Delusions: Industrial-scale Renewable Energy is Fossil Fuel+. But the following hopefully can help you survive. As they say, save as many as you can (and I have to add I don’t just mean humans, but all life forms).

Acceptance and Triage- The Adapters Movement. If you go to the main page, you can read the article in parts which might make it more easily digestible.

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