The return of Super Mrs.C5!

Last night as I was lying in bed trying to sleep, I reviewed what I had done during the day having had this feeling of “I accomplished a shitload in the span on 12 hours”.  It was the strangest feeling, not unfamiliar, but still weird since it had been a long time since I had experienced this.

You see I used to be someone who was busy but in a good way. I could get a lot of shit done. I would get a lot of shit done. My day planner was filled with to do items which I got done. You know the old adage ask a busy person to do something and it will be done.

So what did I do? I just had to do a list more for myself really since I was super impressed with what I accomplished but almost couldn’t believe it so I needed to take stock of it:

  • Got up, fed the chickens, cats, eventually dogs
  • Swept the floor – a daily chore now since my dogs & cats are still shedding
  • Made coffee
  • Washed dishes
  • Did laundry
  • Ate breakfast
  • Forgot to vacuum
  • Thoroughly weeded around the onions (uncovering my red onions which never grew but are still in the ground – what’s up with that I don’t know except I might have ended up walking over them several times not realizing where my path in between planting rows was), the strawberries, the potatoes, the peas
  • Uncovered some of the onions by removing some of the dirt around the bulb very carefully but of course managed to rip out 2 of them
  • Weeded a bit around the orach – need to harvest orach since I’ve got lots
  • Weeded around the new and old asparagus beds – it just never ends
  • Harvested green beans round 2 after having made hot pepper beans with the 1st batch
  • Harvested my one black currant bush which is so ridiculously big, alas the harvest wasn’t as in previous years (also no blueberries, no haskap, no sour cherries) thanks to our frost/freeze in June
  • Made black currant concentrate juice
  • Weeded as I walked to and fro to the garden
  • Sprinkled epsom salts on my pepper plants and gave them a thorough watering in the greenhouse, I got peppers growing!! Banana, jalapeno, cayenne, lipstick, orange
  • Sprinkled bone meal on the tomato plants, we should have our 1st tomato in a few days. Yippee!!
  • Cleaned out the chicken coop
  • Retrieved the eggs – there has got to be a place where they are laying but we just can’t find it, or else more hens are going into the soup pot in the fall
  • Pruned the 2 maple trees we have growing in the garden
  • Washed the kitchen floor – a never ending job really but this time a thorough cleaning although a lot of good it will do as within a few hours/a day it is dirty once again
  • For dinner made a roast, a salad after harvesting and cleaning sorrel and toasting chopped garlic scapes and sunflower seeds, rice with a gravy of beans & the 1 onion I pulled up by accident, planned meals for the rest of the week
  • Of course checked email throughout the day, doing my daily crackbook read, also finally read Mr.C5’s latest blog post, “C5 Says, It’s not the heat. It’s the stupidity.”
  • Skimmed the cream of our raw milk, made yogurt with a portion of the milk
  • Set aside some stuff to bring into work, still have to decide what I will wear, prepared food, e.g. leftovers, for meals for my work
  • Washed dishes
  • Finally took a bath before bed and cleaned the bathtub afterwards – it is the way to save on water!

I felt really good about what I had accomplished although I had to laugh at myself having said a few days earlier that I was going to take one of my days off as a day to do nothing. Yeah right. Now I am back in the swing of daily working for actual pay with much more limited time to do everything I have to do beyond the paid work.

It was a good day.

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