El Desarrolla de la Capadidad de la Red de los Biomercados – final report

I completed the following report for my work with La Red de Agricultura Ecológica del Perú,  (RAE-PERU), and Cuso Internacional Perú office.  The report is the culmination of 9 months of work as a Capacity Development Advisor/Asesora del Desarrollo de Capacidad in 2017.

The report contains three parts:

1) A relaunch proposal for the network – creating a cooperative

2) Success factors for organic farmers markets which could be adapted for standard farmers markets

3) Brief case studies of the member organic farmers markets of the network.

The report is in Spanish and at this time I have no plans on translating it into English.  If funds could be secured to undertake this work, I would be more than happy to undertake this task.

I hope the information contained in the report can be of use to small scale (organic) producers, and to farmers market managers/coordinators.

I welcome feedback.

Van der Veen RAE Cuso

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