Climate collapse – stop calling it climate change

It still mystifies me that folks can question whether climate change is happening.  But then there have been some interesting analyses from various fields – psychology, neuroscience & similar – which have clearly demonstrated how you just can’t have a debate let alone a discussion with folks who truly believe in something despite the evidence which proves them wrong or inaccurate in their perspective.

The human condition of having the ability to recognize self doesn’t help us when we have emotions that get in the way, and the ability to convince ourselves of something even if that something never happened. And of course our short-sighted nature doesn’t help either.  Case in point for the latter when the white supremacists want to return to a time when all there were white folks – I don’t think so as this was never ever the case.

I remember learning about social movements during my Ph.D. studies, and re-acquainted myself with the subject matter when I was offered the opportunity to teach such a course.  In the various typologies of social movements, i.e. categorizations of these, there was always the utopian type who pined for a time back when society was supposedly a certain way.  Well that way never actually existed.  It is like when we look back on the past and yearn for an easier way of life, you know the good ol’ days, or when we say ‘when we were young we didn’t behave that way – the way today’s young folk behave’. We humans can’t help but have those rose coloured glasses on to view our past.  Of course this doesn’t apply to all.  I am sure that those who suffer from PTSD for example, or from abuse do not share this view of a happier time in the past.

So sorry getting back to climate change or what I am now starting to call climate chaos or rather climate collapse.  With the latter phrase it isn’t that planet earth is dying.  It won’t but we humans may and I think we should. It would be good for the planet if we did die off but not before we figure out what to do with the nuclear power plants and waste since we have in effect created systems that need to be maintained to infinity at least until the half lives of all those atoms have decayed whichever comes first. (please feel free to correct me if I got the physics lingo wrong). I am referring to the fact that we also will have taken with us – I mean die – so many thousands or rather likely millions of species.  I know most folks just don’t care for the smaller creatures like insects, toads & similar. For some it hits home with the larger animals, like rhinos or polar bears.  My heart breaks for all of these living beings (I also include vegetation).

As you can imagine, I am one who always thinks of the animals in any natural disaster. I am happy that the news does seem to at some point provide some accounting for what is happening to the animals whether they be pets or wildlife, but as is to be expected they don’t get the same coverage as that of humans which I can’t condemn.  I can condemn the heavy focus on the destruction of property – sheesh what is important people – life or buildings!  I was glad to learn that since 2006 in the U.S., animals are to be considered in any response to natural disasters but that applies to pets with the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS), see  And now many shelters take in pets – thank you so much to these folks who are my heroe, and rescuers go into disaster zones to look for and rescue pets.

I know I know we do need shelter to survive. I get it.  But I don’t give a shit about any resort properties or the monster mansions. We certainly are not entitled to any more than basic shelter.  We are not even entitled to electricity and indoor plumbing. These are luxuries that billions in the world do not have as it is.  I do thank on occasion the inventors of some household products – I am super thankful for the existence of washing machines. I have had to handwash over the years some clothing now and again, like when I am on vacation.  But the thought of doing hand laundry on a weekly basis – ugh!! And of course you know it falls to the women to do this task.  I remember watching a British TV show, “The 1900 House”, where they chose a family to live like it was in the early 1900s for 3 months (I just looked it up – I thought they had to live this way for 1 whole year).  My god – the women and girls of the family had to wash these heavy duty bed sheets and other linen and of course clothing – what ridiculously hard work.  Meanwhile the husband got to leave every day to go to this regular day job (I guess since he didn’t/couldn’t just take a leave from his regular 20th century job).

We are big fans of the British TV shows depicting farming/rural life in various eras, The Tudor Farm, the Victorian Farm, the Edwardian Farm, War Time Farm, starting with Tales from the Green Valley.  I can’t recommend these enough if you are at interested in learning how to live more self-sufficiently, more simply.  It is from these shows that Mr. C5 learned of the dead (and subsequently live) hedges that we now have at our farm (or rather did have). We were recently talking about the fact that those hedges would need tending as the material just decomposes so quickly after our time away although we do hope that our attempts to plant some willow will have taken root so the dead hedge will slowly but surely convert into a live hedge.

This past week with all the hurricanes, some earthquakes, forest fires, monsoon and torrential rains with concomitant flooding in various parts of the world, I couldn’t help but think … man the rapture folks who think the world is coming to an end with the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ being imminent, they must be creaming their jeans, drooling with glee at what is taking place.  It unfortunately just fits in what they believe.

On another related matter, going off from my post re: racism, is the issue of a specific set of consequences of these disasters, at this time particularly in the hurricane impacted areas of the Caribbean.  Now we are, finally I might add, hearing about the violence that is taking place in the streets – robberies, looting, murder, assault, rape… Well what did you expect when the colonial powers, the expats who live lives of luxury compared to the local folks, continue to control the economies of the island nations.

What I am referring to is the legacy of colonialism.  What goes around comes around – payback’s a bitch isn’t it.

And now there will be the capitalists applying their shock doctrine strategy.  We already have richard branson with his telecommunications & other empire who will gleefully rebuild telecommunication systems but do you think he will do it for free all the while paying a pittance to the workers doing the actual work (as compared to what he earns)?  Of course not.  And then we have robert deniro offering to rebuild Barbuda but that is because he ‘owns’ a resort there which was under construction (even though I read that by law all property is commonly owned in Barbuda so how do you own your own resort there? hmmm I guess you can always give some folks exceptions or … bribe em’).

Fuck all those people and corporations who use some of these island nations as tax havens, and of course fuck all those politicos who have allowed their governments to enact such tax laws which enable this, puppets for the expats and colonial powers.  I just learned how little ol’ Holland is one such country – great article in The Correspondent,

Why couldn’t what used to be called the Tobin tax or more accurately the Robin Hood tax have been implemented decades ago when it was first introduced by the economist James Tobin? The tax would have been a pittance to those investors but would have raised billions of dollars for international development and aid.

Here’s another interesting bit of info – simplified about why we are having the hurricanes. Hotter sea = greater temperature difference between sea and space = more energy for hurricanes = higher velocity winds. As posted in

So let’s start calling CC by a more accurate term – you can choose which one.

From CBC Ideas radio show, one of the best radio programs over the many years,, some further reading:

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