Views from our apartment

I thought I had posted this blog post but just realized as I was looking for a particular post that this was published as a separate page on my website, a mistake when I was trying to figure out how to work blog posts.  So here are some belated photos of our place. Enjoy.

Avenida del Aire looking left or northwest, the street we live on

Avenida del aire looking right or northeast

The three above photos are connected (sorry wasn’t working with the editing). The neighbourhood in the distance and up the hill, or what is called here a cero, is La Victoria, one of the most poor (and dangerous) districts, but one where we find the markets of Gamarra – textiles, and Parada – wholesale fruit & veg, both absolutely huge.  My first visit I was completely and I might add unpleasantly overwhelmed, not by feeling unsafe – I felt very safe although of course it helps to be with Ross but I also find Peruvians very friendly – rather by the smells or should I say stench, sights – so many people and stalls, and sounds – no cars allowed but three wheeled bicycles aplenty.  And of course there were lots of straight dogs & cats.

Some of the 1000+ types of potatoes, the Andes being the origin of this humble veg.

Garlic and more garlic. When Ross 1st visited this place his eyes burned from the many folks peeling kilos and kilos of the garlic cloves.

Drying ginger.

Back to our apartment…

View of the national library (see it is a stack of books building), national theatre, and national museum.  Of course the tall building is a bank as are most of the tall buildings in the city, with a few hotels.

A few rooftops we can look down upon but as good neighbours we try not to do this. Everyone does hang their laundry to dry on them.

The front door to our 6th top floor apartment, although the stairs go to a 7th level where the water tank is found.

Beautiful sunset or as much of a beautiful one you can get in the city, direction faces west over the Pacific ocean which we can’t see but we do know where it is and it is just a bus ride away.

Cuso wants to get us proper beds. We had asked for two beds thinking that double beds were the norm which would have been too small for us, both of us being poor sleepers, but alas the boxspring for one bed and the bed frame for the other would have put the 2 single beds on different levels and we didn’t have the right linen for this. So we are back to student or bachelor days sleeping with mattresses on the floor – no big deal.

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