Cusco part 4 – the actual city!

Back to Cusco for the final leg of our vacation. I had planned on us taking the train from MP back to Cusco since going back the way we came just would have taken another full day of travel.  Good planning on my part, although the train is so ridiculously expensive, and alas the last hour was in the dark so we couldn’t see the vistas as we approached the city. So here are some daytime vistas…

The night lights of Cusco reminded both of us of North and West Vancouver – really quite beautiful, with some feelings of home.  We spent on evening hanging out with some other Cusco volunteers at this awesome bar/lounge, having some microbrew, listening to good music surrounded by glass walls from where you could see the cityscape, although it was cold – my only complaint. They did have a woodstove going but it didn’t really heat up the whole place.

Some really narrow streets in the area where we first stayed… The traffic problems in Cusco are mainly because of all the taxis – they aren’t for the locals but for the tourists. We stayed at a another volunteers place for several nights in what is known as the bohemian neighbourhood of Cusco, Santa Blas, close to the main tourist area.  It was lovely.  It was also cold at night as no homes have central heating.  Luckily there were electric heaters to use to cut the cold prior to going to sleep. What I really needed was a hot water bottle.

Some scenes from the market – how beautiful is this corn!!

and – warning… some might find this upsetting…fresh raw & roasted cuy

Ross has yet to try this – just didn’t get around to it.  It was also ridiculously expensive here, maybe cheaper in Lima.

Decorative security bars & doors.

Lots of uphill and downhill…

Lots of wooden intricately carved ‘balconies’

Awesome mural – the only photo which looked good – I could have used a wide angle lens for this one.

Decorated wall

A sign in the main plaza of Cusco explaining the rainbow flag and some other background

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