My rant against selfies and those who take selfies

Rant time:  I am absolutely disgusted by the phenomena of the selfie. I had already noticed and commented on the narcissism that is rampant on f b and the selfie just adds to this.  (See my blog entry recounting our time at La Noche bar in Barranco when we saw an 80s new wave cover band – a day in the life of Wilma & Ross). While at MP I took pains to make sure my photos had no people in them.  For the most part I was actually successful since we got there early enough.  Why the fuck would I want pictures of people in photos of this supposedly magnificent place. What is the point of visiting these places – is it only to say “See I was there”!?!?  Ugh… Fuck the selfies, fuck the people who are obsessed with taking selfies.

I am sure you will notice that there aren’t that many pics of us in our photos.  I do make sure there are a few but my photos are to record the landscapes we see and they are for me.  I mean how many photos of MP can you really look at and think wow they have caught a perspective never seen before.  I am not stupid and there are some places so photographed that little is special about them unless you can say you were there.

I have always wished to experience nature in a way imagining it as if no humans have been there before.  Of course this is almost impossible.  And if you really think of it there have been humans traipsing all over the planet in pretty much every square meter, except for the most rugged terrains.  However, I have been fortunate to be in locations where humans are few, e.g. Alaska, northern BC, Yukon & Northwest Territories. Or when the age of the living landscape is on a scale incomprehensible for humans, e.g. any old growth rainforest – temperate or tropical.  Nova Scotia has never been like this.  Far too small of a space and having been ravaged over so many times by the colonists/settler peoples.

Ok I guess this post went off in a slightly different direction.  Back to selfies.  Folks – TALK TO EACH OTHER FACE TO FACE.  PUT DOWN THE TECH GADGET PLEASE FOR THE SANITY OF THE PLANET AND FOR YOURSELF!! All of you sitting at the same table look so lonely and mentally ill in a way, all transfixed by your device.

I guess one positive is that you can go anywhere by yourself and not be by yourself with your phone.  It makes you look like you have ‘friends’ when you are by yourself and immersed in your screen.  But do you really have real friends?  I wonder…

Such a sad reflection on where we humans are and where we are going. So here’s one photo with me in it – you know just for scale purposes.

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