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In memory of Dino (March 2004 – May 2019)

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NOTE: This website is no longer being updated and will be retired in 2021.  I can still be reached via the contact tab.  Happy reading!

My blog was initially created in order to assist me in my small fledgling farming biz way back in 2015 continuing in 2016. I then undertook some volunteer international development work for 2017 & part of 2018 and so my blog focused on reflecting on those experiences. The farming biz has taken a back seat but will still be operating for the coming years with my plantings of asparagus – it is a perennial vegetable after all so it keeps on producing; however, I have scaled back with my other production as I have realized growing food as a business is not my passion, rather it has had the exact opposite effect. As I continue my journey through this stage of transition in my life, this blog provides me with a means of sharing some of my thoughts about the goings of the world and in my little corner of the woods/fields. I hope I can contribute some different perspectives on issues that are not found elsewhere, or rather thoughts I have yet to come across in my perusing of information online.  Thanks for following me or for simply stumbling around and coming across my blog. I hope I can provide some food for thought.

A bit about me….

I am Professor Asparagus – a part-time tiny scale farmer amongst other things – specializing in raw and value added products in asparagus (spring crop), but also tomatoes and hot & sweet peppers (fall crops). I have been growing food for more than 15 years but never as a means of earning a livelihood until recently. Here at Windy Mountain Road Farm, we work hard trying do our best to live in a manner that is ecologically sustainable, creating resilience in all we do.

So why do I call myself Professor Asparagus? Well I have a fellow small business owner to thank for her suggestion as we undertook a training together. You see I was a professor of sociology, now referring to myself as a recovering academic. I will soon have my Professor Asparagus costume – can you see a super hero somewhere: Professor Asparagus – Eat your asparagus!!


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This is my personal blog; as such, my posts reflect my sociologically informed opinions. The contents of my blog and social media writing do not in any way represent the organizational views of my current or previous employers, nor do they reflect upon any of the clients and professional organizations to which I am affiliated. Comments about products, services and organzsations as well as the links I share do not reflect commercial endorsement.